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Emergency COVID-19 Disinfection Services by Bio-Hazard Clean-Up

Using Electrostatic Technology, we can 100% Clean, Sanitize and Disinfect your Home or Workplace Keeping everyone safe from COVID-19



Pyruiti Hypochlorous Acid Generator


  • If you have to regularly sanitize yourself and your home, making your own disinfectant solution is practical. The Pyuriti Echo One is a fast, easy way to create safe, environmentally friendly hypochlorous acid water, 1 liter at a time. Choose from three different strengths, up to 200 parts per million.
  • The Eco One HOCl water pitcher is made of a high grade, sturdy plastic with a titanium electrolysis plate. There are no accessories or special parts to keep track of. Just plug it in and you're ready to go!
  • To use the finished product, transfer to a container or containers reserved specifically for HOCl water. Even then, there is a possibility of cross contamination and a change in pH. We have included testing strips with each pitcher, and recommend testing the pH level before using.
  • The Eco One is entirely self-cleaning, so there are no special requirements for maintenance. With regular usage, it can last up to 10 years. Each pitcher comes with a set of instructions for the exact way to combine water and salt to create HOCl water. Add to a spray bottle and keep in the foyer or mud room for fast, effective sanitizing when you enter the house.
  • Love our Eco One but looking for something else? We also have home cleaning products, hand sanitizers in various strengths, and so much more. Check out our storefront for our complete catalog of products for both the home and business!

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